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About Program

DOAF offers two Master's programs in African Studies: MA in African Studies (English) and MA in African Studies (Turkish). The curriculum of MA in African Studies (English) is composed of seven courses (three compulsory, four elective) and a seminar, as well as thesis and academic specialization. Furthermore, our students can take regional language courses (e.g. Arabic, French) as extra electives. While English and Turkish programs are both with thesis, their differences include: (1) application requirements (e.g. the English program requires higher language scores), (2) the language of instruction (e.g. classes are taught and theses are written in Turkish in the latter program), and (3) Academic Reading & Writing (English) is taught in the Turkish program as an additional compulsory course so that our students gain a greater access to the literature. The application requirements for our programs are announced at ASBÜ and DOAF websites in May/June every year.  

Elective Courses

Application and Admission Requirements
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Phone: 0312 596 46 32